Our Story

After many years running in Colorado, it became evident that active people need a stylish and convenient solution to protect their hair from wind and sun damage. The patent pending Rokaroo performance headband was created to support long hair in the front and back to prevent breakage, secure bangs, protect from elements and keep sweat from dripping into athletes’ eyes. Added benefits are protecting ears from wind and cold, and the ability to complement any outfit!


What is rokaroo?

We started rokaroo to deliver innovative performance gear for people with long hair concerned about damage by sun, wind and movement while striving to attain their personal fitness goals.


Who is rokaroo?

Jennifer Kramp believes that you need to follow your heart to have a fulfilling life. After studying graphic design at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Jennifer went on to a career in marketing and advertising. Rokaroo is combination of her love for design and outdoor sports. She lives with her two children and husband in Golden and enjoys all that Colorado has to offer.

Brooke Galaty is a stay at home mom with a passion for life. A Colorado native, she loves gardening, playing with her kids, and running. She is formally educated in the field of chemistry with a degree from Colorado School of Mines. Leaving her technical field behind Brooke has never stopped learning and pursues her hobbies passionately.

Our mission

We're not just creating useful products. we're creating a community of empowered athletes who are on a personal journey of achievement and satisfaction — rokaroo will take journey with you.

Rokaroo Measurement

Measuring your head circumference

Getting the right size is simple. Use a measuring tape or string, wrap it around the circumference of the head, around the forehead above the eyebrows and following right above the ears as in the below illustration. If a string is used, stretch it out and use a ruler to determine the appropriate circumference.

Size Chart

Youth 19.5" – 21"
 One Size Fits Most 21"+
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